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See Our Customer’s Gardens’

Mr. H from Kumamoto city, Kumamoto (we received a letter from the client!)
Thank you very much for shipping the stone lantern I ordered. Soon after I received it, I tried assembled it. I like Japanese style of garden, and I have been looking for something matches with my garden with miscellaneous woods. I placed an order immediately when I found this. The simple shape of the lantern goes perfectly with the natural woods I have placed. I like how the color gets dark and gradually goes back to the original gray color.
Mr. Y from Kanagawa
Thank you for sharing the beautiful photo of your garden.
Mr. K from Chiba
Although it was raining in Chiba when I tried to set it in my garden, I really like how natural it is and I appreciate your courteous response. Thank you very much.
Mrs. O from Ichihara, Chiba
This is a stone lantern sent to celebrate our client’s husband’s 60th birthday. After ordering this stone lantern, their daughter who got married, had a baby who was their first grandchild.
Congratulations! The photo that you sent was much appreciated!
Mr. N from Utsunomiya, Tochigi
We have received a photo of a Shizen Yukimi Mini Lantern which won a prize from one of our campaigns. Thank you very much. We really like your garden.
Mr. K from Higashikunisaki, Oita
I am hoping to set this more elegantly with the help of my husband and son. The day I unpacked this, 2 redstarts flew in looking for some water. It seems as if they were a couple.
Mr. I from Kyoto
I completed the surrounding decorations for the Zenigata Mizubachi. I think it looks pretty good. ‘It looks really great. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I think the stone bowl is very happy, too!’
Mr. T from Shiga
It is purely beautiful how the stone lantern, when rained upon, turns solid black.
‘Your garden is very spacious and beautiful. As the time goes by, the lantern matches even better.’
Mr. A from Shizuoka
This is a ‘stone basin ‘which I created myself. I worked hard to place it correctly in front of my Japanese style room.
I really like it, and the sound of the trickling water relaxes me.